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New Book: Life's Talk, Spiritual Journeys​

The epidemic has made everyone have very different attitudes and perceptions of life. Now, they have become "work-life balance," want freedom, pursue material things but do not want to be bound by worldly desires, and express sad emotions without being regarded as cowardice.

The world's environment, politics, and standards are different now. We need "new thinking, new methods"!

  1. Why is work-life balance important?

  2. Can't pursue wealth?

  3. Let's talk about grief.

  4. Are you willing to lend a hand?

God created us with a plan. He gives us missions and talents to help others know Jesus Christ, grow, and be blessed. When others are blessed, together we can build a better society, a fairer and more just society.

Author: Carrie Sung Mei Ling and her husband Ruden Wong Chi Wa co-founded the Solar Act, which works with missionaries to serve the Indonesian ethnic group, the world's most significant Muslim people.

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God called us and the mission team in 2018 to establish Christian schools in Indonesia, the world's largest Muslim population, to spread His Holy Name. Although none of us had experience running a school, and the ministry was not part of any church or institution, it operated independently. God still chose the tiny ones. God Himself is in command, and He walks like an ark of covenants, leading us and our mission teams through dangers like the Jordan River.

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Introduction to ministry in 2021

I. Review and Outlook
II. Share happy events
III. Missionary enthusiasm has not waned due to the pandemic
IV. Work in Batam
V. Evangelism in Hong Kong
VI. Future Plans
VII. Please continue to support us
VIII. About Solar Act

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Printed Book(HKD52)Electronic (HKD25)

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Enquiry: Whatsapp 51266450

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But a group of people in the world do something different than most people. They see God's heart above their own, are willing to travel to other places to learn foreign languages, live in different cultures, face daily challenges for evangelism, and aim to reach more people for God. We call them "missionaries." Missionaries are worthy of admiration for putting themselves in God, but we don't value them because they don't live in our circle. Missionaries are quickly forgotten.

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