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First Visit

In 2014, we first set foot on the Indonesian island of Batam, where we met the Hong Kong missionary, her team, and the serving church. The missionary had served there for eight to nine years. On our first visit, we came across the Muslim Ramadan month and saw how people had strong religious overtones from clothing, food, life, and rest. When I watched the residents living in strict dogma and enduring a loud prayer every three to four hours, I was sad and reflected that I was not serious enough about Jesus Christ's love, and I was not always grateful for His salvation.

We're touched

The next year, we went to Batam again because it was in response to God's call and to learn more about Muslims. But on that trip, we gained a new experience that was the difficulties of the Church and Christians and how they were not afraid of suppressions, persecutions, and strive to preach the gospel and support each other.


In the third-year we went to Batam Island, we lived for a month to try to work with the missionary, more understanding of the mission strategy and God's heart. During the month we learned how to host short-term missions visitations, teachings in schools, visits the poor, orphanages and the sponsored students, visits the Muslim on a neighboring island and another mission base on Bintan Island. We were impressed by the Bintan trip, not because of the first time to go, not because of her poverty, but the mission base had no more workers. After the missionary had left, the base was emptied two years. 

​What if?

Thanks to God, when we tried to figure out how to help the gospel work there, God gave us four plans, which are 1. Solar 2. Funding poor students 3. Funding orphanages and 4. The establishment of Christian kindergartens.


But these programs are not our majors and we don't know how to proceed. So we ask God, is this His call? God has given us a lot of confirmation. First, we couple prayed separately, but also get the same feeling, and second, an oversea believer who promised to support the orphanage. 




Perhaps people will ask how the establishment of these works will help the missionary? We believe that the gospel and welfare should go together hand in hand because we cannot just speak of love but see brothers in need and we ignore it! (Jacob 2:16) Moreover, if a missionary has these platforms, he or she is more likely to reach people, especially in Indonesia, a Muslim-majority country.

In fact, what we have done, in addition to solar energy, other basically already have other Christian teams doing, but they are very difficult to operate, because they are despised by the government and do not get funding, and then by the radical Mumin nuisance, so we overseas Christians need to help each other, for the glory of God's kingdom!

About the "Solar Act"

The "Solar Act" Limited was established in 2017 and become a Hong Kong  Non-Profit Christian Organizaionatin in 2021.  We are an independent institution across all denominations. We welcome any church and Christians to join in or learn about the missionary work in Hong Kong and Batam Island, Indonesia.

The founders of the  "Solar Act"  are Mr. Wong Chi Wa, Ruden, and Mrs. Wong Sung Mei Ling, Carrie. Because of God's call, and after many visits to Indonesia, we finally confirmed to first start ministries in Batam island and work closely with the H.K. missionary. In 2019 We successfully established a non-profit Christian organization, the "Solar Act Batam", in Indonesian Batam.  Under the "Solar Act Batam", we opened a  Christian kindergarten school, the "Light and Hope Kindergarten" in 2020. We are committed to other charitable efforts to bring more people to know the Lord Jesus.

In 2020 we started another ministry in Hong Kong, that is to partner with the Indonesia Baptist Convention, the two missionaries to serve the Indonesian workers here.

The "Solar Act" position is a bridge to bring the true and accurate message of the forward-doing workers back to the church and the believers in the rear. Help the rear resources can be more accurate and more strategic. In addition, we will also be responsible for sharing and promoting relevant education.

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