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" Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord,
    and he will reward them for what they have done."  Proverbs 19:17

Students Sponsorship


The Indonesia government requires children to undergo six years of primary and three years of secondary education, while pre-school education such as Playgroup or kindergarten is voluntary and not coercive, provided that the child enrolled in the school must be three years old or more.


The public sector schools run by the Government are relatively low compared to the privates. The Education bureau enforces every student to attend religious classes. They can choose to study Islam, Christianity, Buddhism or others, but because the entire education system is dominated by Islam, most students are encouraged by teachers and principals to choose Islamic beliefs


As the world economy relies on English as the primary communication language,  many schools want to improve students ' English ability, but cannot find Islamic teachers who can speak good English.  Christians who generally good at English are therefore allowed to enter the school to teach. However, Muslim principals and staff will always keep close eyes on those teachers and will regularly give high measurements and additional policies to prevent Christian teachers perform. 


The best way to have children to enjoy the free environment to know and worship the only true God is to set up Christian schools. Since the government is an Islamic-base, all these Chrisitan schools have to be self-provided and enjoy no government help.  In the long term, it is tough to continue as many Christian schools like to sponsor poor students with free tuition. 


We plan to support low-income families to study in Christian schools. We will have a missionary to pay the monthly school fees to the school directly.  Through the visitation, the missionary can build a good relationship with principals and teachers, closely monitor sponsor student's studies. Besides, the missionary can also have chances to visit the families, thus increasing opportunities to spread the gospel to parents and other siblings. 


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We also deliver nutritious food to our sponsored children and care about their families' needs. Let them know the true God and only in Him, life can be changed.

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The Needs of Christian Schools In Indonesia