Dormitory after renovation
Dormitory old look
new recreation area
recreation old look
new kitchen
old laundry place
new girls' room
old girls' room
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Besides Studies

what else?

The Apprentice Program

He needs a chance

Stepanus Purba is 19 years old and the family's eldest son, but the family is poor and his siblings are in foster care elsewhere. Stepanus was the first child to be elected to the Apprenticeship Program...


With the help of the program, Stepanus now not only interns at the mission base, but also takes theological classes part-time. In addition, he gave a portion of his salary to the director of the orphanage as a reward for nurturing.


Stepanus's good manners, more blessings from Heavenly Father, now he has believers to fund his theological expenses, and the ability to buy a motorcycle, which is very important for the poor traffic of Batam.

 Learning closely with Missionary

Why is she doing that?

The Dean, Mrs. Purnama Lasmarlina, is a godly woman, she loves children but why she started an orphanage and has herself in these difficulties?  


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