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" I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you." John 14:18

Sponsor Orphanage

Some of the children in orphanages come from tsunamis or broken families, but there are also poor ones that parents cannot support. In Indonesia, the government has public and subvented orphanages, but only the Muslim-based.  If other religions, such as Christianity and Buddhism, are private and the government does not grant financial assistance, such charity organizations will have to raise their funds.


The one we are helping was initially set up by a Christian couple who sold their properties. Later, they receive funding from churches or other visitors, but the help is not long term and very unstable.  Recently because of the many natural disasters, more and more children are sent there. Although the Dean is in difficulties, she does not want the children to live in Muslim houses and miss the chance to know Jesus.  



Recently, the orphanage has to move back to their old places because the landlord needs to have the site again. The Dean needs to repair the old house, and some areas need to rebuild too. Thanks to the construction company who willing to sponsor half of the renovation work, but still, the Dean needs money to settle everything.  God moves a sister abroad, and she donates a significant sum of money to help. 


Currently, the hardware needs are settled. It is time to help at the spiritual building. We need more Christians to come, to share, to play and to encourage the orphans. Let none of these adorable kids feel being neglected. They should grow up confidently and beautifully. 

Besides Studies

what else?

The Apprentice Program

 Although children living in the orphanage can continue schoolings, not all of them love to study. Besides some are at teens plus their broken families backgrounds, their emotions can be very frustrated and emotional. Dean's headaches are increasing every day.  Given this, we propose to subsidize two children who have behaved well but do not wish to read out for a year. Our organization will be responsible for the salaries, but the only condition is them to work in Christian companies. We give free workers to employers, and in return, we expect children can learn the skills and disciplines there. 


    Children will receive 33% cash as their monthly salary, and the other 33% will be to the orphanage for helping the younger brothers and sisters. The rest 34% will be saved up and to give when they leave the company. The plan is to help them save money and learn financial management. The Dean also agrees very much with this scheme. Thankfully, the missionary is willing to take over a child.  Please continue your prayers and remember.

He needs a chance

Stepanus Purba is 19 years old and the family's eldest son, but the family is poor and his siblings are in foster care elsewhere. Stepanus was the first child to be elected to the Apprenticeship Program...


With the help of the program, Stepanus now not only interns at the mission base, but also takes theological classes part-time. In addition, he gave a portion of his salary to the director of the orphanage as a reward for nurturing.


Stepanus's good manners, more blessings from Heavenly Father, now he has believers to fund his theological expenses, and the ability to buy a motorcycle, which is very important for the poor traffic of Batam.

 Learning closely with Missionary

Why is she doing that?

The Dean, Mrs. Purnama Lasmarlina, is a godly woman, she loves children but why she started an orphanage and has herself in these difficulties?  

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