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" I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you." John 14:18

Sponsor Orphanage

Some children in orphanages come from tsunamis or broken families, but there are also poor ones whose parents cannot support them. In Indonesia, the Government has public and subvented orphanages, but only Muslim-based ones. If other religions, such as Christianity and Buddhism, are private and the Government does not grant financial assistance, such charity organizations will have to raise their funds.

The one we are helping was initially set up by a Christian couple who sold their properties. Later, they receive funding from churches or other visitors, but the help is unstable and not long-term. Because of the many natural disasters, more and more children are sent there. Although the Dean is in difficulties, she does not want the children to live in Muslim houses and miss the chance to know Jesus.  

Recently, the orphanage has had to return to their old places because the landlord needs to have the site again. The Dean must repair the old house, and some areas must be rebuilt. The Dean still needs money to settle everything, thanks to the construction company willing to sponsor half of the renovation work. God moves a sister abroad, and she donates significant funds to help. 

Currently, the hardware needs are settled. It is time to help at the spiritual building. We need more Christians to come, share, play, and encourage the orphans. Let none of these adorable kids feel neglected. They should grow up confidently and beautifully.

Why is she doing that?

The Dean, Mrs. Purnama Lasmarlina, is a godly woman. She loves children, but why did she start an orphanage and have herself in these difficulties?  

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