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light & hope



To cultivate and transform a generation with
Christian Character, compassion, and competence
by holistic Christian education.


  1. Training the future generation and teaching all subjects with Biblical truth.

  2. Partnering with parents in sharing responsibility for the education of the children.

  3. Imparting God’s heart to those we serve for the world, nations, poor and needy.


Why Kindergarten?

In Indonesia, all citizens must undertake twelve years of compulsory education which consists of six years at the elementary level and six years in middle and high school levels. However, kindergarten and playgroups are not included in such mandatory education. We see that as opportunities where we could teach pre-school children knowledge with a biblical foundation.

The Bible teaches us that the earlier the gospel takes root in the children’s hearts, the better for them, growing up developing Christian characters. Besides, it is easier to build up a relationship with children’s parents before they enter into elementary schools, where Muslim education is dominant and at a very low cost.


Coming in 2020

The wonders of the Light & Hope Kindergarten:
1. Ten students, including two Muslims!
2. The Education Bureau, which is dominated by Mumin, actually appreciates a Christian L&H!
3. This online newspaper provides us free advertisement.
4. Free access to the Muslim Orphanage!
5. Not many students are admitted, but it is already a prestigious school 🤭

Amazing! Absolutely amazing!

Coming in 2020

We are grateful for God’s abundant provision and guidance. In the second half of 2019, a wonderful place is found where we are luxury enough to have three units connected to the building with each unit consisting of three floors.

Our target is to enroll 50 students and in God’s time, he will send us the shepherd to plant a church in the kindergarten, serving these children and their families.

The importance of Christian education.

The school was renovated and completed in February 2020

Hold a school dedication

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