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Establish Platforms for

sharing Gospel

let the sharings be everywhere and 

direct more people to the true God.

The  Indonesian government requires children to undergo six years of primary and three years of secondary education, while preschool education, such as Playgroup or kindergarten, is voluntary and not coercive, provided the child enrolled in the school must be three years old or older.

Student Sponsorship

Orphanage Support

Some children in orphanages come from tsunamis or broken families, but there are also poor ones whose parents cannot support them. In Indonesia, the government has public and subvented orphanages, but only Muslim-based ones. If other religions, such as Christianity and Buddhism, are private and the Government does not grant financial assistance, such charity organizations will have to raise their funds.

Solar Panel Project

Solar energy can provide electricity to lights, fans, computers, loudspeakers, washing machines, freezers, and more. Missionaries can be more active and influential in raising and training believers because, in Muslim places, the gospel cannot be preached outdoors.

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Christian Kindergarten

School Name: Light & Hope Christian Kindergarten

LIGHT Jesus Christ is the true Light.

HOPE — Only Jesus can give true hope.

Our target is to enroll 50 students; in God's time, He will send us the shepherd to plant a church in the kindergarten, serving these children and their families.

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