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The challenge of establishing an Indonesian church in Hong Kong

Ena and Agus return to Indonesia

Indonesian missionaries Ena and Agus returned to Indonesia in May for a month. The trip was very enriching, not only preaching and sharing in various Indonesian churches but also participating in mission camps and discussing the development of mission work in Hong Kong with the senior management of the Indonesian mission agency. Agus had three days of missionary classes on another island. The couple also visited more than ten families to strengthen the Christian faith of their previous migrant workers who had returned home, and one of the last migrant workers prayed for Ena and Agus to bless their journey in Indonesia. Although some families had Muslim parents, they welcomed Ena and Agus' visitations.

Since they were away from Hong Kong for a month, the Pak Tin Center members came to worship joyfully. They sang hymns and played the keyboard well. Ena also invited several preachers to share the message.

The next day, after Ena and Agus arrived in Hong Kong, they discussed the development of their ministry with us. Their vision was to establish an Indonesian church. Although they have obtained permanent resident status in Hong Kong, they need to understand more about the Hong Kong government's requirements.

I. The challenge before starting a church

1. Expand the number of Indonesian workers

After more than two years of pandemics, social and political movements, and emigration, Indonesian migrant workers are eager to return to their hometowns to visit their families. This year, many workers visited their hometowns; some preferred to stay and not return.

In addition, due to Hong Kong's aging population, many families who need to take care of older people are reluctant to have their migrant workers off on Sundays, which means they lose the opportunity to worship and participate in reunion meetings on Sundays.

2. The challenge of handing out flyers

Although there is a park near the center, the Pak Tin members are not used to handing out leaflets to unfamiliar migrant workers and avoiding contact with Muslims.

3. Difficulties in developing new opportunities

Ena thought about having the workers who couldn't attend the Sunday fellowship come to the Pak Tin Center on Thursday night to share God's Word. She also wants to reach out to Indonesian Chinese who live in Hong Kong. About 200 Ena can visit and share the "good news."

4. Half-time mission

Due to Indonesia's current economy, the mission agency also faces difficulties, so it cannot fully support the Ena couple's living expenses in Hong Kong. As a result, Ena has to work part-time at an Indonesian bank in Hong Kong, and Agus has started studying theology, hoping to share more on Thursday evenings or when visiting the Indonesian Chinese.

5. The Churches of Hong Kong

We have participated in several mission agencies, and the staff is also committed to promoting the local Indonesian missions. However, the results were not satisfactory, and this may have been due to the decline in the number of congregations, financial pressure, and a lack of understanding and concern for migrant workers. We look to the Lord for His grace to move them.

II. Migrant workers need more information

Recently, the media reported that some unscrupulous organizations use workers and give them a small amount of money to open bank accounts and use them to "launder money." At the same time, some even lend money to workers and threaten their employers at their employers' homes if they are unable to repay their debts. In addition, migrant workers like to sell food or goods in parks from time to time. Since they do not understand the laws of Hong Kong, they will lose the opportunity to work in Hong Kong if they are arrested.

III. Jesus' Blessing

Jesus replied, "Verily I say unto you, If ye have faith and doubt, ye shall not only do what is done on the fig tree, but also say unto this mountain, 'Take away this place, and cast thou into the sea!' Whatever you pray, believe, and you will receive. (Matthew 21:21-22) 

God's miraculous leading

An Indonesian Chinese, Susan, volunteered to find Ena and joined the Pak Tin Center. We are so thankful to God; if it weren't for His grace, how could we have had a Hong Kong pastor to preach? When Angie from the Batam Islands visited, Susan helped in translation.

IV. The promise of faith

God doesn't need to cooperate with humans; He can do it Himself. But God is willing to use us and change us into better instruments of God. The Solar Act is a small organization, but with God's help, we have worked with missionary in Batam to set up a Christian kindergarten and bless many children and families.

For local cross-cultural ministry and evangelism to Indonesian workers, Ena encourages members to bring their friends and save them from the embarrassment of going to the park. In addition, if you know any Indonesian workers, please introduce them to us. If you know Indonesian Chinese are nearby, you can refer them to us. Please also help us set up the Indonesian Church.

Ena can be reached at (852) 5438 6428 and emailed at

Agus can be reached at (852) 5294 8973 and emailed at

Facebook: Indonesian Baptist Ministry-Hong Kong

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