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The relationship between lights and behavior.

I. light illuminates the human heart.

Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead, they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

(Matthew 5:15-16)

1. The lamp's role.

It is to provide bright light, not only to illuminate everything but also to make people feel comfortable. Jesus would not have put the lamp under the bucket because it would be abnormal to hide the light that way! In some parts of the world, residents suffer from depression at higher rates than in other places due to shorter hours of sunshine.

2. Abnormal behavior.

We have many friends who have gradually been affected by the recent epidemic and the war between Russia and Ukraine. Watching the media reports and stock market turmoil every day, the economy is damaged, and if the unfortunate family is infected, it is worse. But the most hateful thing is that some bad people use the opportunity to issue false news and fake situations to manipulate and advocate hatred! Negative emotions erode their bodies, minds, and souls, and what could have been a bright light is now placed under the bucket and loses its light! Therefore, the affected people begin to lose their direction in life and lack care for the people and things around them who need help.

3. The relationship between lights and behavior.

Jesus said that the lamp, like good works, if placed correctly, will illuminate the human heart, teach people to think positively, attract people to seek strength in their hearts, and yearn for joy and peace from God. Others who see the testimony of believers will also give glory to the Father in heaven.

4. Records in the hands of the Father

We have to admit that electronic media have surrounded our lives. But what we all know can attract the media is necessarily the bad news of the report. Otherwise, it is advertising that advocates consumerism. Do we believers choose to pursue worldly like or the Father's praise, to earn a brief compliment with packaged sharing, and can we make good use of the media without falling into a lost and self-inflated snare?

II. Heartwarming testimonies

1. Extraordinary woman

I know a female believer who started a company with her husband and has a promising career; now her son is studying at university in the UK. She could have enjoyed a simple life but told me that what she wanted most was serving the Lord. She has done good deeds over the years, such as visiting prisons and leading Filipino domestic helpers as volunteers. She paid and contributed, sent materials and joy, and was not afraid of hard work for many years. Although she did not set up a non-profit charity, Cathay Pacific gave her a lot of supplies because she saw her good deeds on social media. Cathay Pacific has recently passed her thousands of blankets and skin care hand lotions. My girlfriend actively spread the good news, and at the peak of the epidemic, she went to the airport by herself, went to Yuen Long to receive the goods, and then drove to deliver them to her door point by point!

2 Care between patients.

Another believer's sister's family was diagnosed, but she remained optimistic when she was sick, working with her husband to take care of her family. When she was ill, she learned that her friends' families (one-on-one mother and son) had also been diagnosed, and her heart was apprehensive about them. So when she recovered, she ran to supermarkets and wet markets for two consecutive days to buy supplies and send them love gifts. When we see the love gifts she has purchased, we can't help but admire the sisters' love and physical strength because she also has to run for her own family needs in addition to a single-parent family!

3. quick test agents of kindness

When fake news fills the market, driving people to Hong Kong to grab grain and materials, some unscrupulous merchants have raised prices and made huge profits. Rapid test agents pretend to be recognized by the European Union in the market, which is angry and sad. Fortunately, believers have access to approved people in business to provide Christians, institutions, and pastors at a lower cost price. Because of everyone's cooperation, many grassroots and rough sleepers can see the world's feelings and get warmth in their hearts!

4 God protects missionaries

Experts say that one in five Hong Kongers will be infected in the future, and we will not comment on the data, but the number of confirmed cases is high. The Missionary Siu Yu, whom we worked with, had eight members in the family infected, and Ena and Agus were diagnosed at the end of February. At first, Ena and Agus were distraught, and we understood very well that they were in a different language and that the information in Hong Kong was very confusing at that time, and they only had to teach them how to test and take care of their health, and pray for them a lot. Thankfully, both of them miraculously got better.

The family infected Siu Yu, but she was the most serious of the crowd, and her throat hurt like a fire. But God miraculously referred a friend through a sister she had met in a former practice church. The practitioner was willing to give forty packs of Chinese medicine to the missionary and her family. After having two bags of Chinese medicine, Siu Yu's throat pain and her cough decreased. She said that the effect of Chinese medicine is more effective than the popular medicine in the market! Now her disease test is negative, but she still feels exhausted.

5 No coffee but God

Coffee sold for Agus in February had a good performance, but there were only three orders in March. But God is conservative everywhere, and the Financial Secretary announced the consumption voucher plan for Hong Kong. It was not conceivable that, in addition to Ena, Agus could also benefit. God's grace is everywhere!

6 Summary

We know many believers struggle to care for their relatives, friends, and neighbors and deliver supplies on the streets. Forgive us for not reporting carefully because it is not personally experienced, so for the time being, we can only choose some of what we know to register.

Although the above testimonies are not the actions of some prominent people or extraordinary gifts, they can do it under the epidemic with sincerity and love; they are like a bit of candlelight; when everyone gathers, they can become a bright light that shines farther and greater. Maybe the electronic media is not interested in reporting, but the Father already knows, and all good deeds have been recorded!

"Whoever, by the name of the disciple, gives only one of the boys a cup of cold water to drink, and I tell you, this man cannot fail to be rewarded. 」(Matthew 10:42‬ ‭‬‬)‬‬‬‬

III. Special reports

Jesus' Great Commission: "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit." Teach them to obey all that I command you, and I will always be with you until the end of the world. 」(Matthew 28: 19-20‬‬)


How do we respond to the great commission as many believers say that Jesus is coming back soon. Have we well grap the mission chance? We have more than 150,000 Indonesian workers serving in Hong Kong. May we cherish this opportunity to care for Muslims, preach the gospel, lead them to know the true God, and receive blessings. ‬‬

The epidemic is like a two-edged sword, illuminating and illuminating the darkness. In addition to the testimony above, some Hong Kong employers have driven infected domestic workers out of their homes. The Secretary for Labour and Welfare, Mr. Lo Chi-kwong, criticized the failure to understand the employment of IDWs as detrimental to Hong Kong's reputation and warned that the dismissal of infected IDWs was illegal and fined up to HK$100,000. In addition, Legislative Council member Wong Yuen-shan said that 68 IDWs had called for help, all of whom had been dismissed and expelled from their homes by their employers, and 56 of them had been infected with the epidemic and had no quarantine facilities. Fourteen other IDWs were in a more urgent situation and began to have no place to live or even live on the streets.

As Jesus said, the light should be placed on the lampstand, and we hope to gather more candlelight to illuminate the world brightly! So the latest book of the Solar Act, "The Good News expected by the 'Remittance Hero,'" in addition to referring to the examples of Indonesian maids served by other churches, we also interviewed Siu Yu, Ena, and Agus, with their understanding of the Indonesians, providing a lot of practical methods to achieve the purpose of "knowing oneself and knowing the other, and spreading the gospel"!

The price of the book is divided into a paperback version of HK$52 and an electronic version of HK$25, we will send a part of it to the church for free, and the rest of the sales proceeds will be directly invested in the "Indonesian Church Development Fund ."If you don't have an Indonesian maid in your home, consider buying books for Christian employers who do.

Thank you for your support and for working together for the Indonesian Maid's Return to The Ministry!

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