The Solar Act

To work closely with the missionaries,

        and reach the unreached

Light:  Jesus Christ is the true light that illuminates the darkness of everything.


Creative:  Flexibility to pass on the gospel to the religious censored territories.


Actions:   Do not take the Big Commission as a slogan, but to act positively.


Our Story

Why & How?

The founders' Ruden and his wife Carrie visited Indonesia several times since 2014 to determine the call of God onto them.

The Light and Hope Kindergarten

Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.(Proverbs22:6)

The Bible teaches us that the earlier the gospel takes root in the children’s hearts, the better for them, growing up developing Christian characters.

​Student Sponsorship

Our supported children will study in a Christian school.  Not only their value to be built but also knowledge of Jesus.


We and the missionary will pay regular visits to these children and their families.  Each time we bring them nutritious food and pray for them. 


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