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They are from the island of Java:

Can Hong Kong families afford high-paid Indian maids? Indonesia's economy has taken off. Is it true?

There are no Indo maids in my family. Why should we know them?

 Having missionaries is enough, there is not much we can do!

God's wonderful works:

God never gave up on Batam. We just walked around the tourist area and found many churches. One is more special; it is built near the Muslim temple and the Muslim school, and there are about nine seminaries in Batam. It seems that God is encouraging local and foreign Christians to pray for Muslims and Chinese and extend olive branches to them.

Light & Hope in-depth interview:

ndonesia's economic explosion is a lesson for Hong Kong and Christians:

Indonesia is already ranked fifteenth in the world economic system, so why should it move its capital and the impact of the relocation on Christianity is a challenge to Hong Kong challenge

How to share the gospel with Muslims:

What is Folk Islam? Missionaries need to understand the customs that arise from superstition. Ten stumbling blocks to evangelizing Muslims! Tips for sharing messages with Muslims

More Solar Act videos 

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